Creepy Pasta stoires.


Let’s countdown some cool and Scariest creepypasta. For those of you who don’t know, paranormal or scary stories.

1. The Rake
The Rake
The Rake. North East United states. 2003. sighting were reported of a large human like creature.
The creature started to gain momentum through social media and other reports and a hunt for it began.
By 2006 a team of researchers found documents describing a similar creature in from the 12th century called THE RAKE.
This was the story they found. A wife awoke in the middle of the night and bumped her husband awake too. He grabbed her in fear as a giant hairless dog sat at the edge of their bed.
The dog leaped right in front of their faces and the couple sprang to their children’s room. They were too late however. The child was mutilated. Her last word were “He is the rake.”

2. The Angel Statue

The Angel Statue
Here’s fun date night story. A couple left their kids with the baby sitter for the night. It was an easy job. The children were already asleep. The babysitter got bored in fact and wanted to watch tv.
The only TV was in the parent’s room however Calling the couple to get permission to use their room, the baby sitter also asked to cover up their angel statue which made her uneasy. The parents told her to get the police and leave the house they do not own an angel statue. However when the police arrived on the scene, the babysitter was lifeless in a pool of blood and no angel statue in site.

3. Pokémon’s Creepy Lavender Town
Pokémon's Creepy Lavender Town
Here is a known creepypasta farce.
After the creation of Pokemon Green- a Japanese exclusive game there were a reported amount of child suicide. What apparently caused the suicides were Lavender Town.
Lavender Town is a rare town with no gym leader and an eerie song. The song apparently made children go mad. Driving them to kill themselves.

4. Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

This creepy pasta lives on YouTube itself. A video named Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. The video is a 20 second video. A man stares at you- and in the last 2 seconds…he grins.
Scary enough but this is the only known part of the video. There is a missing remaining 2 minutes. YouTube took down the video as 153 people who viewed it removed their own eyeballs and mailed them to YouTube HQ in San Bruno. These people also committed suicide with strange engravings in their arms and no answer as to how the eyes were mailed.
The first 20 seconds is occasionally posted to calm suspicions. However, one YouTube staffer watched the film who now is under sedation at all times. Other staff was in the room at the time of the viewing but only he dared watching. At 45 seconds there was a high pitch drill, followed by a scream.
The ip of the user was non-existent and user never found.

5. The Keyhole
The Keyhole
This next one involves a locked old door. Something we have all run into. A man stays at a hotel a few nights. There is a locked door in the corner of his room. The lady inn keeper says the door is locked and cannot be opened. Warning the guest, to not open the door.Night one he avoids the door. But by night to he becomes curious and jiggles the door only to find it locked. On night 3 he looks through the keyhole only to see a pale red.When he asked the inn keeper she say, a man murder his wife in that room. Her ghosts haunts it. Her eyes are a bloodshot red. “what you saw,” said the woman “was the ghost staring back through the keyhole at you.

6. Jeff The Killer

jeff the killer
Let’s talk about Jeff. A young boy who moved to a new neighborhood. He quickly got bullied by some teenagers. However Jeff was lucky. He fought off his attackers. But Jeff found he liked hurting people. That night Jeff’s mother awoke to someone crying. She entered the bathroom to see Jeff carving a smile on his face. Jeff had already removed his eye lids. So he couldn’t sleep. Jeff’s mother had seen her son had gone insane. She turned to get her husband, only to see Jeff in the doorway saying “You lied mommy.” With his parents dead by his hand only Jeff’s brother Liu was left. Liu awoke from the noises of his parent’s death thinking someone was watching him. But liu fell back asleep suspecting nothing when suddenly a hand clamped his mouth and Jeff said “shhh just go to sleep.” Jeff was never seen again.


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