Top 10 Most Expensive Movies of All Time

Even though there are many services such as Netflix, as well as various streaming platform, it looks like that the movie theaters don’t experience a lack of clients. At the end, when your favorite movie is released, you decide to go to the cinema and watch it. We have made a list of ten movies that were extremely expensive to make. Watch the Video to see whether they gained enough money to pay their expenses!

1.Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Cost: $225 Million

The first movie from the sequel was a total hit around the world. That’s why Disney decided to double the budget and see whether they can reach the milestone of $1 Billion. Luckily, Dead Man’s Chest was the first movie in the history to make this achievement.

2. Man of Steel
Cost: $220 Million

man of steel

The supernatural movie starring the main character Superman got a reboot in 2006, but the results weren’t that great, and the producers decided to make a new franchise. The film made around $670 Million, which was not bad at all

3. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Cost: $225 Million


The sequel of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” wasn’t that good for the producers due to the fact that it only accumulated $141 million in U.S and $420 Million worldwide. It looks like that the budget was too big here.

4. The Dark Knight Rises
Cost: $230 Million

the dark knight rises

The movie wasn’t as great as the favorite “Dark Knight”, where Heath Ledger starred the character of the “The Joker”, but it proved to be a real financial success. Maybe, Tom Hardy wasn’t the best choice for the role of “Bane”, but we personally liked it.

5. Avatar
Cost: $240 Million


James Cameron killed his competitors with the movie “Avatar”, which was the first 3D movie and it proved to be the biggest financial success in the history of cinemas. He’s the producer of “Titanic”, which means that he’s the creator of the top grossing movies of all time. The film collected the enormous sum of $2.8 billion worldwide!

6. John Carter
Cost: $250 Million

john carter

In the 1930s, Disney had plans to release an animation called “John Carter of Mars.” However, they decided to make an action movie 70 years later, which was a disappointment due to the fact that it made only $73 million in the U.S, and it broke even thanks to the $211 million worldwide. Obviously, a sequel is not expected.

7. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Cost: $250 Million

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Out of the eight Harry Potter movies, the sixth one was the most expensive ever made. Of course, the last part was separated in two, and this lowered the production cost. The movie raked only $400 million! J.K. It made $900 million.

8. Tangled
Cost: $258 Million


Even though it is a fairy tale animation, where the main character is a girl, the movie made the whopping $600 million worldwide. Disney’s next movie “Frozen” was a bigger success and kids around the world loved it!

9. Spiderman 3
Cost: $260 Million

Spiderman 3

We must admit that all three Spiderman movies, starring Toby Maguire, were pretty great! Yes, the cost was $260 million, but it made $890 million worldwide, which means that it was a big success!

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Cost: $310 Million

Well, it wasn’t as great as the other parts, but most people loved it. Not only that, but the majority of the critics gave a positive review. Unfortunately, Jack Sparrow was seen somewhere in the middle of the movie, which was around 3 hours long. Obviously, giving smaller time on the screen for Jack Sparrow wasn’t a problem given the fact that the film made $936 Million.


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