8 weird buildings ever made.

The weirdest house I have ever seen to is my friend Carol who has vertical toilet paper dispenser instead of a horizontal one, BUT on today’s list we’ve got things much weirder. Lets start with number 8 –

8- Cubic house rotterdam

Cubic house rotterdam

In Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands you may be privileged enough to see Cube houses, or Kubuswoningen as the Dutch Call it, which are exactly what they sound like.Designer Piet Blom says the cubes are meant to be like “living as an urban roof” a motto as crazy sounds as living in dice. The design is meant to optimize city life by having high density house without taking up to much ground space. The whole village is meant to represent a forest with each house as a tree. the 38 small cubes attached to the so called “super cube.” And if living in a super cube isn’t weird enough imagine people poking in to take a peek. Well on owner had enough of lookyloos and opened a show cube where people can take a tour.

7- NCPA china

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you design a giant performing arts centre to look like an egg. No joke, the NCPA or National Centre for Performing arts in China is meant to look like an egg floating on water. Designed to be Iconic and instantly recognizable the NCPA took 6 years to build and is 212 meters wide at its longest and 46 meters high at its tallest. you need all that space too because the NCPA has 3 full theatres: A concert hall, Theatre and Opera House. They venues are completely separate and attached only by standalone hallways.

6- Cathedral of brasilia

Cathedral of brasilia
Now I know you were trying to write a letter to the Archdiocese of Brasilia, well we found the address. The Oscar Niemeyer designed Cathedral of Brasilia, officially titled The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Aparecida, is a 230 foot wide 138 feet tall weird looking thing. The shape is called a hyperboloid structure and has 16 identical concrete beams weight 90 tons each surrounding a beautiful glass ceiling.

5- Habitat 67, Montreal

Habitat 67, Montreal
Oh now this is just some kids blocks. Wait blocks don’t have windows. Oh this is Habitat 67 in Canada. It gets the 67 from the year it was made in 1967 as an attraction for Expo 67 designed by Moshe Safdie. Though the project was not highly awarded by the architect community at large, Safdie’s design is still recognized as an achievement especially for his relative youth at the time.

4- Crooked house Poland

Crooked house Poland
Oh I must have been on a roller coaster- – no I’d remember if I was on a roller coaster. Maybe this is real life. I think it is.The Crooked House in Poland is meant to mess with the eyes. This 43 thousand square foot building is actually a shopping centre designed by Szotynscy and Zaleski. Watch out for mirrors that make you look funny in the mall though.

3- The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

Another Niemeyer on our list is the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum is a spaceship…right? It’s got to be a spaceship. Well this museum spaceship is 50 meters wide in the saucer section and 16 meters tall. It was finished in 1996 with the help of Bruno Contarini and probably little green men.

2-  Dancing Building

Dancing Building
The Dancing house, nicknamed Fred and Ginger, in Prague was designed by Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry. Named the dancing building for the way the two towers seem to hug each other is deconstructivist style or new baroque. 99 panels help shape the bend and lead to a structure call the Medusa at the top.

1- Casa Do PenedoCasa do Penedo
Stop trying to strap rockets to your feet, you are not in a cartoon. The Casa Do Penedo does look quite a lot like the Flintstones’ residence but is not in Bedrock but Portugal.Despite looking Stone Age the inside is quite comfy. And thanks or no thanks to some vandals the stone walls are not all that will keep you safe. Fixed with reinforced bullet resistant windows and a steel door, you’ll be pretty safe and comfy.


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