Top 9 Biggest machines in the world

Take a step back. A big step back. A half mile step back in order to see these big machines!

1.  La Princesse

La Princesse

It’s called La Princesse and it’s a giant mechanical spider. Yep. 15 meters across and weighing 37 tons, it is the work of French artist company La Machine. The spider only moves at 2 miles an hour when its 12 operators strap into it. It’s an even harder thing to move long distances like to Japan and London. It takes 16 cranes, 6 forklifts and 8 cherry pickers and 250 people to get it through streets. The whole thing is funded by the Artichoke trust and Liverpool Culture Company and was built in secret using hydraulics, wood, steel, poplar wood using Francois Delaroziere design in Nantes, France, Meyerside and and Cammell Laird in Birkenhead. The bill for the spider came in at about 2 million pounds.

2.  BelAz 75710

BelAz 75710

BelAz 75710 catchy name huh? It’s the world’s biggest dumptruck. At 20.6 meters long and 9.87 at its widest and 8.16 meters tall it can carry 450 metric tons and empty it weighs 360 tons. Its 2 engine system called the Siemens MMT 500 drive system hauls 4,600 horsepower. It can run on one engine if it is empty and with a max speed of 64 kilometers per hour.

3. The Antonov An 225 Mriya

The Antonov An 225 Mriya

The Antonov An 225 Mriya is world’s largest Aircraft. Design by soviet era Antonov Design Bureau. The name
Mriya means dream in Ukrainian and its 6 turbofan engine move its 84 meters long, 88 meter wingspan and 18 meter tall body into the air. The plane has not only carried the world record for airlifted weight of 189 thousand kilograms but can weigh a maximum of 640 tons before it can’t get airborne. Not only that but this baby is a one of a kind. In the 80s a second one started to be built, but hold ups, restructuring of the government, money moving around and lack of fund resulted in the project going bust as recently at 2013.

4. The Schwerer Gustav

The Schwerer Gustav
The Schwerer Gustav is the biggest railgun ever. Built for the failed French Maginot Lines it weighs 1,350 tons and measures 47 meters long and 7 meters wide. Capable of firing a 7 ton shell nearly 30 miles- an unbelieveable stat. But the gun had problems too, it could only be shot 14 times a day and was easily seen by the Nazis.

5. The Nasa crawler

The Nasa crawler

How do you get a rocket from place to place the crawler transporter is the Nasa rocket transporter. 40 meters long and 35 meters wide the crawler weighs 2,721 tons and can only move between 1 and 2 miles an hour depending on if it is carrying its maximum load of 5 million 4 hundred thousand kilos. There are 2 crawlers is nicknamed Hans and Franz and are the worlds largest self powered land vehicles. They cost a pretty penny too, 14 million dollars each infact. And they have mileage too: a combined 3,400 miles.

6. Bertha


How do you dig through a mountain? You call Bertha- the world’s largest Tunneling Machine. It was made specifically for the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle. Named after the cit’s first and only female Mayor Bertha Knight Landes, the machine is 58 feet wide and designed by Hitachi Zosen and began working in 2013. The Machine actually stopped and cut its blades on a steel pipe the project workers had put in Bertha’s path year’s early to measure ground water. After a 2 year recovery process the machine was fixed and is still digging to this day.

7. The Bagger 228

The Bagger 228

The Bagger 228 is part of a line of Krupp coal excavators that can move 240 thousands tons of coal a day while pulling 16 megawatts of external power. That’s enough coal to fill a 30 meter deep football field. The Bagger is 220 meters long and 96 meters tall. It has 4 caterpillar tracks and a turning radius of 100 meters. The baggers were invented to help the overwhelmed Tagebau Hambach Mine and by 2001 the machines had completely extracted the mine and made them irrelevant to the mine. Moving the machines cost 15 million german marks and could not be disassembled. The workers even had to lay down special grass to not damage the land and divert a river.

8. F60


F60 isn’t one machine as much as it is 5 conveyor bridges to move coal in the Lusatian Coal fields of Germany. It has a cutting height of 60 meters- LIKE THE NAME- and the f60 is 502 meters long, 240 meters wide and 80 meters tall. Nicknamed the lying eiffel tower, it is the largest land vehicle anywhere ever.

9. Large Hadron Collider
Large Hadron Collider
The biggest and most powerful machine is the LHC Large Hadron Collider. A 27 kilometer long tunnel in the ground 574 feet deep under the France Switzerland border shoots particles around at break neck speeds to try and figure out the world.


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