10 Reasons Why We Should Revive The Dark Ages

We are going to reveal ten reasons why the “dark ages” were a great time to live. Note that, they weren’t dark at all, but that’s what we call the post-medieval period.

1. Low Tax Rates

tax rates

Back in the days, the tax rates weren’t constant and they could change from day to day depending on the King and the state of the society. In most cases, tax rates were around 10%. In modern times, this is only half of what people have to pay in some countries. The money was collected to support the military units and the King himself.

2. Lifestyle worth envyingAristocrats d

In the dark ages, people lived an easy and relatively calm life. For example, Aristocrats don’t need to work even a day in their life and enjoy the fine things in life. If you were a modest man, you had to put your energy working all day in the summer, but then you could enjoy your harvest during the winter.

3. States without crimes

the crime

In the past, there weren’t many known serial killers. When you look the statistics now, there are few a year. Thus, the chances of being killed by a murderer were relatively low. Murderers were quickly executed and those who used to rob other citizens were fined or punished unpleasantly.

4. Constant LawsConstant Laws

Nowadays, you can expect changes in your country’s constitution almost every year. But years ago, things weren’t like that. If your king is healthy and ruling the nation without wars, you knew that when going to sleep the next day won’t surprise you with something you don’t want. Great kings offered stability and that’s why they were loved by the nation.

5. Empires couldn’t print moneybag of gold

This means that when you had a bag of gold, you have one until you decide to spend your fortune. With a bag of gold you could say that you are a rich man. Nowadays, most governments can print their own money and this causes devaluation due to the fact that the money isn’t backed with gold. During the renaissance, things changed to the worst because the economy wasn’t based on the production, but on that how much money the Kings will give to his society.

6. Working hard makes moneyhard work pays ogg

Those who wanted to work hard, were those who prosper. There’s a popular belief that people in the Middle Ages lived only until their thirties, but that was a myth. Of course, people didn’t have the medical knowledge we have now, but they were relatively healthy and if they don’t die from a bad disease, they often lived a normal and long life.

7. Living the life of a knight


If you were a noble man and a warrior back in the days, you could become a knight. They were highly appreciated by the society and they certain authority in the kingdom, as well as a title. Knight only had to spend 40 days a year for their King if there isn’t an ongoing war.

8. 101% Organic Food100 organic

Imagine a cuisine without GMOs, chemicals and dirty food. Historians reveal that peasants in the medieval ages lived a healthy life, enjoying lots of bread, vegetables, beans, meat and fish. In fact, they could eat more than two times the calories, the modern man intakes today.

9. Minimal Unemployment


During the Dark Ages, there was work for everybody. If you were a serf, you could rent a land and harvest your crops and have money. The middle-class had shops or worked for a rich man. The aristocrats had lots of money that they could enjoy without working. People who had disabilities and couldn’t work, were helped by charitable people.

10. The Beauty of the Art

post-medieval period.

Yes, we must admit that the traditional art found my archeologists was really beautiful and extraordinary. People enjoyed the art and that’s why they created various statues, images in churches and unique tapestries. Those tapestries are now used to explore the history and understand the way people lived.


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