Top 10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns

There are numerous ghost towns in the world, and each one of them is more amazing than the other. Some of them are used as tourist attractions, but others are forbidden for visitors.

1. The Buried City – Kolmanskop, Namibia

Ghost Town in Desert

A hundred years ago, there was a diamond fever near the port of Luderitz in Namibia. Many people moved over there to make a fortune, and they created a whole city with a casinos, schools and hospitals. Unfortunately, the price of the diamond dropped, and the city is now abandoned. It was located in the deserts, and the sand took over everything.

2. Chernobyl’s apocalypse – Prypiat, Ukraine

Chernobyl’s apocalypse - Prypiat, Ukraine

In 1986, the whole world experienced the effects of the biggest nuclear disaster. This was when the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, and the radiation spread over half of the world. The whole population of 50,000 people was evacuated, and everybody left their belongings the way they were using them. Everyone was told that they would return to their homes, but this never happened. It is now possible to visit the place, but you need specialized equipment and an expert guide with you.

3. The futuristic resort of San Zhi, Taiwan

The futuristic resort of San Zhi, Taiwan

The idea behind this village was to create a futuristic resort for the wealthy visitors of Taiwan. Unfortunately, during the construction, there were numerous accidents and in conjunction with the lack of money, the work was permanently stopped. It is thought that ghosts haunt the abandoned resort.

4. The amazing medieval town “Craco”, located in Italy.The amazing medieval town “Craco”, located in Italy.

Craco is a medieval city, created in 1060, and it can be found 25 miles away from the Gulf of Taranto. Back in the days, the Bishop of Tricarico owned the place. The land wasn’t suitable for farming, and there were numerous earthquakes, landslides, and even a war. Thus, in 1963 all citizens of the city migrated to a nearby valley and Craco crumbles every day.

5. The Effects of World War II. Oradour-Sur-Glane, France.Oradour-Sur-Glane, France.

The citizens of this small village experienced one of the biggest massacres in the history of France. During World War II, in 1944, German soldiers invaded the town and killed 642 inhabitants. They shot them in the legs so that they could die slowly. The women and the children were kept as captives in a church. They tried to escape, and they were murdered by machine guns.

6. Japan’s forbidden island – Gunkanjima


In 1890, Mitsubishi bought the island to retrieve coals from the sea. They were forced to build buildings to accommodate the workers and protect them from the inclement weather. Petroleum replaced coal in the 1960s and Mitsubishi were obliged to close their mine. Nowadays, the island is abandoned, and it is forbidden to travel there.

7. Kadykchan, Russia

Kadykchan, Russia

After the Soviet Union collapsed, residents of the small town were forced to find running water, medical care and schools for education. That’s why the country decided to move them to bigger cities. The residents of the city left everything behind, the way it was used at the last moment. Now, it really is a ghost town.

8. The lawless city in China – KowloonKowloon

During World War II, Japan took over the city but soon after they surrendered, neither China nor Britain wanted to take any responsibility for it. That’s why, it became a town of violence. The buildings grew more and more, and residents built corridors creating a whole city above the street level. Authorities couldn’t do anything about the illegal casinos, brothels, cocaine sellers and opium dens. The city flourished until the British and Chinese authorities decided to demolish it.

9. Famagusta, Cyprus.

Famagusta, Cyprus.Before the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the city was a top tourist destination, but then it was abandoned, and it has been a ghost town ever since. All the buildings are falling apart due to the fact that no reconstruction was done for more than 35 years. In 2010, the Turkish Cypriot administration decided to rebuild and open the place as a tourist attraction.

10. The lost city of Azerbaijan – AgdamThe lost city of Azerbaijan - Agdam

In the past, the city had a population of over 150,000 citizens, and now it’s an abandoned city. This is due to the fact that it was lost during one of the wars in 1993, and it was occupied by Armenians. The citizens have moved to Iran or other cities in Azerbaijan


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