10 Olympic Sports You Didn’t Know About

The first few sports that we think about when we say Olympics are tennis, shooting, swimming, running and few more. There are many sports that are part of the Olympic games, but we know nothing about them. It’s amazing just how weird some of these sports can be.

1. Pigeon ShootingPassenger_pigeon_shoot

Back in the days, the hobby sport became part of the Olympics. In this game, your sole mission was to shoot as many pigeons as possible for the time given. All birds were released simultaneously in front of the hunter. The result in the end was blood, feathers and bodies all over the place. Of course, this sport is not part of the Olympics as we know them today. They were featured only once in 1900 Paris Games.

2. Race Walkingwalk

Race walking is a true sport, in which the individual must walk between 20 and 50 kilometer races. The only rule applied in this discipline is that one of your feet must always touch the ground. Unfortunately, the sport is largely ignored in the world even though it is part of the Olympics since 1904. Many racers get easily disqualified when they don’t follow the fundamental rule. State-of-art cameras are used by judges to follow their footsteps.

3. Underwater swimmingUnderwater photograph of a boys high school swim team practicing in an Olympic size swimming pool.

This sport was featured only once in Paris Summer Olympics, back in 1900. At first, spectators couldn’t see underwater and this was a huge drawback. Competitors had the mission to swim underwater as much as they can. For every second beneath the surfaces, they received one point. For each meter swum, they received two points. Nowadays, the technologies will provide viewers with perfect view underwater, so we can expect a comeback someday in the future.

4. Swim through obstaclesswim

Another sport featured only in the 1900 is the Swimming Through Obstacles Race. Swimmers must pass through different objects such as boats, poles and rocks, while fighting with the strong currents.

5. Roller Hockey?roller

Yes, this is a true sport featured only in 1992. It’s the same as ice hockey, but you must use roller skates instead. Everything with this game is absolutely the same as with the ice hokey, except the skates. An interesting fact is that this sports is going to be featured in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

6. Rope Climbing


Back in 1896, Rope Climbing was featured as a gymnastic event in the Olympic games. They were judged on a distance covered on the rope, time taken and shown skills. The race was discontinued in 1932 and it’s no longer featured since then.

8. Single-handed weightlifting.

Canada's Christine Girard, from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, makes her final attempt at 130kg in the womens 63kg weightlifting competition at the Beijing Olympics in Beijing, China Tuesday Aug.12, 2008. Girard placed fourth in the competition with a combined score of 228.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

The weight-lifting with one hand was an Olympic sports that started in 1896 and was featured in the next three editions. The weightlifter had to lift with each hand and then the score from both hands was combined. Unfortunately, the event was particularly unsafe for the athletes and that’s why it’s no longer part of the Games.

9. Rope Tugrope tug

Rope tugging was a really popular event during high-school. What you might not know, is that between 1900 and 1920, this was an Olympic sport. Each country had to create teams, and they could participate with multiple clubs at the same time. This gave the opportunity for one country to win multiple awards, as U.S.A did in 1904 when they won all three medals

10. Synchronized Swimming for Solos
Synchronized Swimming for Solos

In this particular sport, the athlete had to perform a ballet dance in synchronization with music. The first time it was featured was in the 1984 and it took three Olympic Games for the organizers to find that there’s no point of synchronized swimming with only one swimmer. Well The Rio Olympic is Near make sure you watch all the game .


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