10 Most Amazing Skywalks In The World

Have you ever wanted to reach the top of the world and see everything from above? Do you want to experience the feeling of seeing an amazing view and being at great danger from the height?

1.  Grand Canyon Skywalkgrand-canyon-skywalk

This amazing place is located in the Grand Canyon National Park on the Hualapai Tribe lands. The height is between 150 m and 800 m and you can see everything below and around you. Truly one of the most stunning views in Arizona.

Take a look from the 4,000 feet view on top of the grand canyon. You can have a tasty snack or a couple of cold drinks. Not only that, but you can learn more about the Hualapai culture, values and way of living. The natives live in an area of 5 million acres and their lands stretch from the Grand Canyon to Santa Maria River.

2. The Skydeck, ChicagoThe Skydeck, Chicago

This is one of the tallest buildings in the world and former record holder with the amazing 108 stories. The sky deck is at the amazing height of 412 meters and the view is absolutely astonishing.

There are numerous interactive exhibits that you can enjoy watching. You and your family can watch a 9-minute movie and learn the architectural history of Chicago. We and my colleagues loved it!

3. Calgary Tower, Canadaalgary-tower-canadaOne of the most wonderful views in Canada is located in Calgary. The Calgary Tower is used for observatory purposes and it’s the amazing 191 meet tall. You can look straight below yourself given the fact that the floor is made of glass

4.  Sky Tower, New Zealandsjy-new

The tallest building in New Zealand is 328 m tall and it’s used for observation and telecommunications. The floors are made from glass once again and there’s a 40 seconds ride with a glass-made elevator

The 360 degrees panoramic view of whole Auckland, the hills, harbors and islands, is truly fascinating and breathtaking!

5. Tianmen Mountain, Chinatianmen-mountain-china

If you visit China, then you must go to Tianmen Mountain and enjoy the wonderful skywalk view. If you like to walk, then you can reach the place with a long walk through a narrow road. Through the whole way you are going to experience amazing nature and enjoy the wonderful views, which are amazing during sunset!

The place is perfect for hiking, photography and cable car riding because this is a place popular for having the longest cable car ride in the world!

6. Oriental Pearl Tower, Chinaoriental-pearl-tower-original-2513

This is the fifth tallest tower in the world at 468 meters and it’s located in Shanghai. The Nanpu bridge is located in the south-west and in the north-east is located yet another bridge and they form a unique It features an amazing tower’s observation deck with glass floor and walls.

7. Glacier Skywalk, Canadaglacier-skywalk-canada

Yet another amazing view located in Canada or more specifically the Canadian Rockies. It has a wonderful glass-floored platform at the height of 280 meters.

8.  EdgeWalk, Canadaedgewalk-canada

Did you know that the third tallest tower is located in Canada, Toronto? The CN tower is 553 meters tall, while the skywalk view is located at 356 meters. Visitors must view the place in groups of six people and each one of them must be attached on a rail.

9. Skywalk X, Chinazhangjiajie-national-forest-park-china

Skywalk X is an observation deck with amazing panoramic view at the height of 338 meters. You can walk outside on the outer rim of the tower and the view is similar to the one offered by CN Tower.

10.  Bridge Climb, Australiathe-bridge-climb

In order to experience this wonderful view, you must know how to climb the stairs to get to the 134 meters high. The bridge is one of the most famous in the world and it’s called The Sydney Harbour Bridge, in case you want to view this place.


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