Top 10 animals that people didn’t know existed

As we all know that our whole world is full of exotic animals. And among all those, there are few which are not known by the peoples, and it’s a fact that everyone’s wants to know about them. So, in this video you will get to know about the top 10 animals which people don’t know that they also exist in the world:

1. Zebra Duiker

This animal is the small antelope and if you want to see this you have to visit Ivory Coast and it can also be seen in some parts of the Africa. This animal has the coats of red brown and gold color, and also they have the stripes on their body same like the zebra. Their maximum height is 45 cm and 90 cm in the length and max. Weight is about 20 kg.

2. Amazonian Royal Flycatcherroyal-flycatcher-nidokidos_group-704080
This bird is the family member of the tyrant flycatcher and of that family it is a passerine bird. It is found in Amazon basin, and this is the bird which is least concerned by the Birdlife International. This bird is usually found in the areas of the low densities. 6.5 inches is the maximum length of this bird. For catching the flying insects, they like to dart out from the branches.

3. Gerenukbulkupload_animal-wallpapers_gerenuk_gerenuk-1
This animal is also known as the Waller’s gazelle, and this is also one of the species of the antelope. This usually found in the habitats with especially dry, woody vegetation, thickets, and flat thorn bush. If you want to see this amazing antelope then must go to eastern part of the Africa. This animal has the long neck somewhat like a giraffe.

4. Maned Wolfmaned_wolf_stock_5_by_hotnstock-d6g2r5w
In the South America, this is the biggest canidae. It looks like the red fox, and it is mated with the deer for creating a furry, with a long lovable face. It is a type of the mammal, and this can be seen in the semi-open or open habitats. Among the wild canidae’s, this wolf is the tallest.

5. Raccoon Dog

Keywords: stock, wildlife, raccoon dog, fur Confirmed wild by Alamy

This dog is also known as the Tanuki basically found in the East Asia, in genus Nyctereutes, this is the only species which is extant. These dogs are the most unique dogs. They regularly climb trees and also they are well known for climbing.

6. Snub-nosed Monkeymaxresdefault-5
There are many amazing monkeys in all over the world, and this monkey is the old world monkey, and they also have a group. These monkeys are living in the several parts of the Asia. The story behind their name is because of their short base nose with the round face, and the nostrils of their nose are arranged forward. These monkeys have the long fur, and also they are multicolored. The tail of these monkeys is about 55 – 97 cm and their body length is of about 51 – 83 cm.

7. Markhor1154372-3606x3648-markhor-high-quality
These are the wild goats, and also they are having a large species. These goats are found in different countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan and also in Tajikistan. These goats come in the endangered animals, and the total Markhor goats are approx 2500. This is also a national animal of the Pakistan. These goats are capable of killing the snake, and they can also eat them.

8. Dholedhole
This is also known as the Indian wild dogs and Asiatic wild dogs, these dogs are the species of the canidae native to the South and Southeast Asia. These are the extremely social animals and the interesting facts about them are they hunt the animals by splitting into the small groups. They hunt animals by tiring them they are so bold dogs because they can even hunt the tigers and the other wild animals.

9. Sunda Flying Lemur8108892924_fe65e4bc2a_b
These are not actually the lemur, and they don’t also fly. They leap among the trees, and they get active in the nights, and they are strictly arboreal. They are very skilled in climbing, and they found in the Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

10. Silkie2009_04110019
This is one of the breeds of the chicken, and they get this name because of their fluffy plumage. There are various unusual qualities in this breed, and some of them are like their flesh, black skin, and five toes per foot, earlobes and the bones. This breed is usually shown in the shows of the poultry in which they appear in several colors.

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