10 Hollywood Celebrities who died unnaturally

We are going to tell you about ten celebrities who died under mysterious circumstances. Most of them had disappeared, others were murdered, while others died under the influence of narcotics. But each one of them was loved by the public, and we all feel sad for their loss.

1. Marilyn Monroe1

Marilyn Monroe is a Hollywood actress known for her natural beauty. respectful women in the world. Her death came as a shock to the society. She was found dead due to overdosing with a large variety of drugs. Thus, her dead was considered as a suicide.

2. Heath Ledger31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival - "Candy" Portraits

The death of Heath Ledger came as a huge surprise to his millions of fans, who grieved long after his death from overdosing. He is known for his incredible role as the Joker in the Batman movies. His performance was so fantastic and memorable that he received 30 awards.

3. Sharon Tate3

Sharon Tate is a former top model who had just made a break in Hollywood. After her debut movie “Valley of Dolls”, she was found murdered in her house. Sharon was killed by the followers of Charles Manson, who were on a killing spree in 1969.

4. James Den4

James Den died unexpectedly in a vehicular accident. He was quickly becoming more and more popular with movies such as Giant and East of Den. The place, where he died, is now a memorial named after him.

5. Natalie Wood5

Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko, popular under the name of Natalie Wood, is an American actress born to Russian expats. Her talent was so big, that she became very popular in both Hollywood movies and TV shows at a young age. Unfortunately, she was found drowned in water while on a cruise. On the cruise, she was with her husband, Robert Wagner and friend Christopher Walken, who know nothing about the way she might have died. The only known fact is that she was under the influence of alcohol.

6. George Reeves6

George Reeves is a famous star of the 50s, when he played the role of Superman in the movie “Adventures of Superman”. He was found murdered in his house from a gunshot. There aren’t any pieces of evidence that he could take his life, and that’s why nobody knows whether he was killed or he committed suicide. There weren’t any reason to believe that somebody would attempt to take his life away.

7. Thelma Todd

1933: Actress Thelma Todd, considered one of the silver screen's most beautiful women, has said she prefers serious roles to the comedic ones that have made her famous. Yet she is now playing the comedy lead in Sitting Pretty, also starring Jack Haley, Jack Oakie, and Ginger Rogers.

Thelma Todd was found killed in her lover’s ex-wife’s garage, on the front seat of her car. She died due to the release of carbon monoxide fumes, while she was asleep there. This led to the suffocation of the American Actress. Police suspects her death might be caused due to problems with the mafia.

8. Bob Crane8

Bob Crane, who got famous starring in “Hogan Heroes”, was found dead in his Arizona flat due to mysterious circumstances. His close friend John Carpenter was convicted of his murder due to the fact that the police found the blood of Crane in his car.

9. Sal Mineo9

Sal Mineo became popular in the movie “Rebel Without A Cause”, where he starred alongside James Dean. Back in the days, people were cynical about strange sexual preferences, but he decided to come out and talk publicly about his bisexuality. He was found dead in his apartment, killed by the pizza delivery boy who was a serial murder because they found he had committed several similar crimes in the same part of the city.

10.  Brian Keith10
Brian Keith is very familiar due his role in the famous TV show “The Family Affair”. His movies were loved by many people all around the world, and they were all shocked when he committed suicide using a gun. The actor had experienced an enormous tragedy before he had decided to end his life. Brian’s daughter committed suicide in a similar way as well.


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