Top 10 expensive houses around the world

The owners of the world’s most luxurious houses can be a mysterious bunch. We all know who owns Buckingham Palace, but does anyone recognize the name Tim Blixseth? Or know the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani who built a 27-story apartment building just for himself? We’re guessing not.

1. Buckingham Palace12

Here is the world’s most expensive house and ranked number 1 in this list. It is the residence of the royal family of London and Queen of England is the head of this house. This house is really very big, and you will be surprised when you will know about this house cost and its structure. The houses have 775 rooms, which required 188 staff for it. There are 78 bathrooms and 52 bedrooms in it. Besides this, they have 19 state rooms and 92 offices in it the value of this house is $ 1.55 Billion. Wow, it such a very huge and expensive house.


2. Antilia

antilia mumbai india
This house located in Mumbai, India, and deserves the number 2 position. This house belongs to the famous business tycoon and one of the world’s richest men Mukesh Ambani. This house is really grand and huge, and these buildings have 27 floors. In it, there are 6 underground parking floors, have 3 helipads and this building need 600 people for its maintenance. He is one of the richest men of India and his house valued $ 1 billion.

3. Villa Leopolda3

Here is the number 3 in this list as this property is very huge and large. They have a green house, a helipad, an outhouse kitchen and guest house of this house is larger than any mansion. This property is really huge and spread in an area of 50 acres, and it is also featured in a film. The owner of this house is a millionaire and has several properties like this. Worth of This house $ 750 million.

4. Four Fairfield Pond4

It is a luxurious building in New York and number 4th on this list. The plot of this building is very huge, and it consists of 29 bedrooms and has their own power plant. Besides this, inside the building there are 39 bathrooms in it and the length of the dining hall is 91foot long.  Wait, it is not done yet as there is more. They have a basketball court, a tennis court and a squash court in it. This property’s cost is $248.5million.

5.  18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens5

Just like its royal name, the house is also royal and grand and gets 5th position in this list. This house is actually buildings designed and built with luxuries and has 12 bedrooms, bath in a Turkish style, indoor pool and a huge parking space in which you can park 20 cars. The owner of this house is Lakshmi Mittal, and the cost of this house is $ 222 million.

6.  Ellison estate6

6th house on this list is the house of Woodside located in California. Well, it is not a house but a building because this house consists of 10 buildings in it and thus known as Ellison estate. Besides this, it has its own lake which is man made, a pond, and a bath house and at last a tea house. You can imagine the size of this property as it is in 23 acres and worth $ 200 million.

7.  Hearst Castle
7th position goes to Hearst Castle which is situated in California. This mansion is really very big, and it is also featured in a film. This house is favorite of celebrities, and many celebrities shouted there episodes of their show in this house. This house looks like a castle and has 27 bedrooms in it, and the price of this house is $191 million.

8.  Seven The Pinnacle8

The eighth position in this list belongs to the house of Montana, which is situated in the Big Sky. It is owned by Supreme rich people and in this house; there is a heated floor, several pools, a classy and beautiful gym. Wine cellar and if it is not enough then they have a ski lift in this house.  This house worth is $155 million.

9. Kensington Palace99th position is acquired by Kensington Palace of London. This house looks like a paradise and built with luxurious facilities. Besides this the house is ornate, and the owner of this house is planning to extent its underground and has a tennis court in it and a museum. And you will be surprised to know that the cost of this house is $140 million. Well, it is a huge amount of money.

10.  7 Upper Phillimore Gardens10

Number 10 in the list of the most expensive house is the house of London named 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens. This house has 10 bedrooms, Sauna, an underground Swimming pool, gym, cinema hall and at last a panic room. What makes this house more expensive is its interior which is made up of gold and beautiful marbles and expensive artworks. The cost of this mansion is $128 million.


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