10 Crazy Facts About Game Of Thrones

We can all unanimously agree that Game of Thrones is hands down one of the most appreciated shows that’s ever hit television. Its action, time setting and, of course, frequent twists, along with many other traits, make for a fast-paced, sometimes probably hated, yet fully enjoyable TV show that’s fortunately not ended till now. There are however many crazy facts about GoT that you might have not known or simply ignored, so here they are:

1. GoT is known for its frequent bloodshed1

Statistically speaking, a whopping 4.5 named characters have died per episode in the first 4 seasons, amounting to a staggering total of 133 characters. The drawback to such a cruel approach is that fans are now always expecting another death with each episode, thus eliminating that “shock factor” we all like right off the bat. And if you are wondering, yes, Sean Bean is dead.

2. GoT is the most pirated show of all time2

The Internet tells us that it’s been illegally downloaded 15,5 million times only through BitTorrent alone. Just imagine how much that number increases if we consider every single pirate site on the Internet…

3. GoT costs a lot of money to produce3

Specifically, HBO spends a whopping $60m per season, which could be narrowed down to $6m per a single episode. Don’t fret though, as it is not the costliest show of all time. “Friends” costs a surprisingly $10m per a single episode.

4. GoT is very popular and respected on IMDB 4

It currently is situated in the number one spot in terms of overall score, which is a whopping 9.5, and currently sides with other popular shows such as Breaking Bad and Planet Earth, which, you’ve guessed correctly, have the same score. Quite surprising, given the often hated twists…

5. GRRM is not living “the life”5

The now-famous author of GoT, although disposing of a yearly $15 million salary, does not have luxurious cars, houses or any other kind of flamboyant assets. In fact, he lives in a modest house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, owns an ancient Mazda car, and dines in local restaurants. Now that’s a great way of staying humble!

6. GoT doesn’t like to pour money down the drain6

Specifically, GoT has only a total of 7 writers hired, as opposed to other popular shows like the Walking Dead that has around 20 writers hired.
Quite of a shocker, given its aforementioned performances…

7. GoT has a lot of really dangerous characters7

According to a recent TIME report, it is very possible for a human of the dimensions and BMI (Body Mass Index) of The Mountain to crush someone’s skull with his bare hands. Don’t mess with this guy even if you were paid a million bucks…

8. Some of the events in GoT have actually happened IRL, too.8Although not word-by-word, some of the events depicted in GoT actually took place over the course of history. In particular, George R.R. Martin mentioned the Red Wedding, which was inspired from two real life events: the Black Dinner of 1440 and the Massacre of Glencoe from 1692. We’re so lucky these events took place so far in the past!

9. GoT names are a thing for young parents10

After GoT became an international phenomenon, the names depicted within the show also became quite popular among “new” parents. In 2014 alone, the name of Arya was reportedly given to a whopping 1544 babies, making it more popular than the totally normal name of Jennifer.

10. GRRM doesn’t keep up with the pace9

No, that is not hinting to his weight. In fact, we’re talking about technology here. Probably fearing that hackers would be down to stealing some of his unfinished work, GRRM writes and stores his stuff on a DOS computer with WordStar 4.0 installed on it. He officially claims he does this owing to the modern word processors always trying to tell him “what to do”. In short, if he wants a capital letter, he’ll insert it himself – there’s no need for some software telling him what to do. Watch out, we’ve got a badass over here!


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