Top 10 Incredibly Spooky Things

From possessed people to haunted houses, or even haunted houses with possessed people inside (what can be possibly spookier than that?), the world is full of fascinatingly-scary places, people and even simple … things, that at first sight would not put you at too much thought as to whether they’re genuinely smeared with black magic, but you might reconsider that when you see our top 10 incredibly spooky things.

1. The Ghost Cane10

It doesn’t take too much to see that there’s something terribly wrong with this cane. That, and also that it was sold on Ebay for a whopping $65.000 by a mother whose son started to go insane about the fact this crane was the reason their house was ongoingly haunted by grandpa’s spirit. The son’s fear turned out to be very profitable, as the cane was shortly sold to an Antiguan casino.

2. The Conjure Chest2

A slave owner going by the name of Jacob Cooley wanted a chest for his future child, so he made one of his slaves do it. Shortly, he delivered the chest, but the owner was not satisfied and killed him. His friends avenged his death by cursing the chest, which seemed to be effective, as the slave owner’s child died, and other subsequent 14 deaths were associated with the chest, too. It was later uncursed by a “conjure woman”. The chest can still be found in the Kentucky History Museum of Frankfort.

3. Valentino’s Ring3

Rudolph Valentino, an actor, initially bought the ring from a jeweler in the 20’s. Six years later, he died due to a persistent stomach ulcer. Before dying, he warned that the ring was cursed. Later on, Pola Negri wore the ring, too, and became severely ill. The series of unfortunate events does not stop here though: Ross Colombo also wore the ring, and was shortly shot to death. As if this wasn’t enough already, the ring was passed to Colombo’s  friend  Joe casino he placed the ring in a glass case, but succumbed to the temptation to wear it. He was killed in a traffic accident one week later.

4. The Crying Boy4

The Crying Boy is a mass-produced painting in the 1950s and many British families were said to have one hanging on their own house walls. At some point, in Yorkshire, multiple houses were set ablaze and local firemen claimed that all the houses involved had a copy of the painting, and in all of them still, the painting was left unscathed out of all items which were burned beyond recognition. Could this have been the work of evil forces?

5. The Possessed Bunk Beds5 55

Allan and Debby Tallman decided to buy a bunk bed that was initially placed in their basement. Later on, the couple moved the bed upstairs for their children, and from that point on, things took a turn for the worst. All family members saw at least one unusual thing happen in the house; the children themselves claimed to have seen a witch in their bedroom where the bunk bed was situated. Once things became very unbearable, they set the bunk bed ablaze and nobody bothered them again ever since.

6. Screaming Skull6

In the British Isles there have been constant reports of so-called “screaming skulls” that were rumored to have caused a lot of distress to those who attempted to remove them from their homes. The most noteworthy incident of this kind is the screaming skull of the Burton Agnes Hall, built by Sir Henry and his sisters. One of them, Anne, was fatally stabbed and before she died, she made her sisters promise her that her head would be removed from her body and kept in the hall. They didn’t follow along though, and a series of bad events happened shortly after, which determined the sisters to place the head in the hall, which stopped the events.

7. The Chair of Death7

Baleroy Mansion’s last inhabitant, George Meade Easby, died in 2005, but prior to that, he said that the house had lodged a lot of unearthly and familiar ghosts, including his brother’s, mother’s, and even Thomas Jefferson’s. Though one unsettling thing about the house remains the chair of death, which people claim that anyone who sits in it will experience sudden death.

8. The Haunted Wedding Dress8

Elias Baker, the iron magnate of Blair County of the 1800s, wanted to marry a low-paid worker of his father’s, but he firmly opposed against her will. The daughter, angrily, refused to marry anyone else, so she died alone. The mansion became a touristic attraction, and the wedding dress was kept in a box in her bedroom, but people reported that the wedding dress, all of a sudden, appeared in front of the mirror, which rose some speculations about the possibility of it being haunted.

9. Annabelle The Doll9

A student once lived in an apartment with a friend of hers. Prior to that, she was gifted a doll, which was later proven to be “haunted” by the spirit of a 7-year-old girl murdered in the exact same apartment the girls lived. They agreed to keep the doll, but strange things started to happen right after taking that bad decision. One of their friends, Lou, was attacked by an unseen force. Demonologists told them that the spirit was in fact of an evil being which wanted to possess one of them, so they got rid of the doll.

10. The Haunted Mirror10

A slave named Chloe baked a poisoned cake which killed three members of the notorious Woodruff family. Today, it’s said that the mirror of the mansion where the Woodruffs used to live traps the poor souls inside; tourists claim that random fingerprints appear out of nowhere, as well as spooky faces in random corners…


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