10 Most Extremely Bizarre Phobias

Every man on Earth has a few bizarre phobias, and each one of them depends solely on the person. For example, some people are afraid of spiders, while others can have a found such as being scared of going outside. Read further and get to know some of the strangest!

1. Fear of Erections ( Ithyphallophobia ) 1

An interesting fact about this phobia is that it gets more and more common amongst men and causes massive amounts of stress to the individual. Diseased people must endure an embarrassing therapy, where they must be exposed to their fear numerous times over an extended period of time.

2. Ephebiphobia – Fear of Youths2

This is a rare condition where the individual fears the youth. According to economists, this fear can have a significant effect on every country’s economy.

3. Fear of Clowns – Coulrophobia3

The fear of clowns is a common condition amongst children, teenagers and it can rarely be seen in adults. The fear starts when the individual has a bad experience with one. Even thought that adults know that clowns are harmless, they can’t escape from the fear.

4. Fear of Work – Ergasiophobia4 This is totally me! I mean, how can I not fear of going to work when I know that I’m going to get exhausted there? Who needs this anyway? Jokes aside, Ergasiophobia is a real thing, and it affects many people who might have a mental health problem. It makes the person feel unproductive, and it can cause other psychological problems

5. Fear of Nudity – Gymnophobia5

Gymnophobia is a particularly unpleasant phobia of seeing naked people or being seen without clothes, even though that it’s totally acceptable in many cases. This often happens, when the medias and social networks create an ideal portray and the individual suffering from this condition thinks that their body is inferior.

6. Fear of new experiences – Neophobia/cainotophobia 6

This is the persistent fear of anything new, and it is also called cainotophobia. The individual is scared and doesn’t have any will to try and experience something different. This phobia has various forms such as the Technophobia, where the person doesn’t want to use any new technologies.

7. Fear of Friday the 13th – Paraskavedekatriaphobia 7

Every few months, there is one Friday of the month, which is on the 13th and people are scared of this day. Why is that? Well, in many cultures such as the Bulgarian, Portuguese, Polish, German and English, the day is considered as the unluckiest of the month.

8. Fear of everything – Panphobia8

Panphobia or also known as omniphobia is a secondary condition of schizophrenia, where the individual fears things, but without target or reason.

9. Fear of being buried alive – Taphophobia9

This is one bizarre phobia, where the individual has the fear of being buried alive. Back in the days, this fear was not irrational due to the fact that the medicine was not advanced, and there are numerous cases where people were buried alive.

10. Fear of being … Tickled with feathers- Pteronophobia 10

Yes, you read this right! There are cases, in which, children are afraid of being tickled by feathers. This can be caused during their early childhood as babies when parents often tickle their kids so that they can laugh.

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