Top 10 rarest & hardest pokemon in pokemon go.

Pokemon Go might be one of the most notorious apps ever launched. In just a matter of hours it’s skyrocketed its way to the top of every popularity chart in the world. however feels like it’s been launched since, well, forever.As you might have known already, there are many Pokemons that just won’t appear on the map, leaving your Pokedex very, very empty. Emptier than it leaves our own pockets sometimes… Here are 10 Pokemons that are just impossible to find nearby if not at all.

1. Articuno 1

We really don’t know that much about Articuno, not even its egg group, besides the fact its ice-cold gaze can instantly turn you into a snowflake the same way it freezes rivers, and that’s a pretty light term by itself. It stands at the 144th position of the Pokedex. Have you found it?

2. Zapdos 2

Now here’s a shockingly-rare Pokemon (pun intended). Surprisingly enough, very few people have actually managed to take hold of it till now. Could it be because it’s … zapping beyond tangibility? Anything’s possible!

3. Moltres3

If you’re not too much into electricity, then Moltres might be the perfect fit for you. Sitting in the 146th Pokedex position, no many have really claimed to possess it, and rightfully so, since its body is literally covered in flames.

4. Mewtwo4

This Pokemon is said to be located in the 150th position and it can either mega evolve into Mega Mewtwo X with Mewtwonite Y or Mewtwo X with Mewtwonite X. We know fairly more things about this Pokemon as opposed to the previously mentioned ones, but unfortunately not its egg group. Maybe it’s all part of its psychic powers…

5. Mew5 

The name of this Pokemon, situated in the 151st  spot of the Pokedex,  is certainly intriguing for some of us ardent fans: why isn’t it called Mewone, given his duo partner is called Mewtwo? Jokes aside, this one is even rarer to be found than Mewtwo and doesn’t evolve into anything unfortunately.

6. Dragonair6

Doesn’t Dragonair look very funny indeed? A unicorn-ish head attached to a rattlesnake body… that’s very eerily interesting. It’s currently sitting in the 148th Pokedex spot. You can get it by evolving the Dratini dragon to level 30.

7. Dragonite7

Once it reaches level 55, the aforementioned Dragonair evolves into Dragonite. It currently sits at the 149th spot of the Pokedex and comes from the water 1 egg group. Does Dragonite explode if lit up though? We’re not sure and really don’t want to know for now.

8. Aerodactyl8
Sitting at the 142nd position of Pokedex, Aerodactyl does not evolve into anything, but it does however mega evolve into Mega Aerodactyl if you use Aerodactlite. It does look quite menacing as is, so there’s no need for any tweaks.

9. Kabutops9

At level 40, you can evolve Kabuto into Kabutops. Currently sitting at the 141st position of Pokedex, Kabutops has very special abilities, including but not limited to swift swim, a battle armor and… those protruding claws you certainly do not want to mess around with.

10. Snorlax10

Snorlax is so rare that not many have claimed to have found and put him in their Pokedex. Not only that, but catching him is quite of a painstaking task by itself: you must use the Pokeflute in order to wake him up or adjust the Pokegear to the flute channel. No wonder though, since he’s such a big and invincible little fellow.

To sum it all up, catching them all is a veritable hunt. It’s not only an occasional “errand” that you do when you’re bored, but rather, an actual relentless pursuit towards proving you’re a real Pokemon fan, all the while burning some calories in the process, too.

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