Top 10 Scariest Movies of all time

Contrary to popular belief, horror movies are actually in very high demand even to this day. While some of them cannot be deemed truly “scary” but rather hilarious to watch, there’s still a great deal of mostly-old horror movies that can live up to even the harshest critic’s expectations. We’ve summed up the top 10 scariest movies of all time that are very likely to at least give you goosebumps if not terrible nightmares.

1. Ringu1

Ringu is an excellent movie in terms of suspense. The movie’s plot comprises the story of a reporter going by the name of Reiko, who learns that her cousin Tomoko and a friend of hers died after watching a videotape rumored to kill anyone who watches it exactly after one week passes. At first, she’s reluctant to these rumors, but when she watches it herself, things start to take a turn for the worse, so her journey toward solving the mystery and surviving at the same time commences.

2. Jaws 2

Directed by no one else but the almighty Steven Spielberg, JAWS’ plot is about a Great White Shark that decides to feast on anyone who passes by the beach resort town of Amity. The town police chief admits to the imminence of the danger and insists for the beach resort to be closed. The town mayor is not very fond of this idea, but agrees when he sees for himself that nothing else truly works. Starting from this point, the police chief, a scientist and an old fisherman go on a hunt for the Great White Shark.

3. PoltergeistPrint

When Carol Anne, the youngest daughter of an average family living in an average neighborhood, seems to be in direct connection with spirits that are trapped in a static TV channel, they at some point start emerging from the TV and please all the family members with silly tricks. Once they get very comfortable though, things start to become truly terrifying, trying to dread all the family members by means of scary talking trees and ceiling-hanging dolls. Carol Anne herself is kidnapped by the spirits and locked in the closet. Thing is, the closet is now a portal to another world. It is certainly not for the fainthearted.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4

Five teenagers want to visit their grandfather’s grave, and on their way to its location, they drive by a slaughterhouse, pick up and then drop a shady hitchhiker, eat meat at a gas station for them to finally arrive at the old family home, where they’re greeted by a group of cannibals and live the most terrifying moments of their life.

5. Carrie5

Carrie is a schoolgirl who doesn’t make friends very easily and is usually not very talkative. Of course, other classmates pick up on her distant behavior and always try to embarrass her, but one of her colleagues takes pity on her and convinces other colleagues to invite her to the senior prom. In the meantime, another girl is banned from going to the senior prom due to her inappropriate behavior, so she plans an elaborate trick to embarrass Carrie in front of everyone. However, what nobody knows is that Carrie is gifted, and nobody should ever mess with her.

6. Les Diaboliques6

A sadistic school headmaster is killed by his wife and mistress by drowning him in a bathtub and throwing his body in the school’s dirty swimming pool. When the swimming pool is cleaned though, surprise, the body is gone and so the rumors about possible sightings of the headmaster begin.

7. Rosemary’s Baby7

A couple moves into a building that has a very bad reputation around, and rightfully so, since the only residents are two extremely-and-dubiously-friendly elderly spouses. At first, everything seemed great, and Guy, Rosemary’s husband, spends a lot of time with both elderly spouses, but after some time, strange things start to happen, including an unexplainable crime and Guy becoming remote and distant towards everyone. Rosemary eventually becomes pregnant, and she dreads the elderly couple has special plans in the works for her.

8. Psycho8

Marion Crane is a working girl fed up with always having to hide behind people’s eyes to meet her lover, Sam Loomis. One day, an unethical opportunity arises for her: her employer asks her to deposit $40.000 to a local bank account. Instead of doing that, without giving it too much thought, she runs away with the money, decided she’d succeed in starting a new life with her lover in California. Though the pressure of her act and the long highway trip take a toll on her, so she pulls off to a nearby hotel. Inside, she’s greeted by a young man dominated by his crippled mother. Things start to become nasty when she goes to take a well-deserved shower…

9. The Exorcist9

Regan is an adolescent girl who starts to experience a lot of unusual symptoms, including levitation and exponentially-increased physical strength. Doctors shrugged in complete confusion, so her mother was sure she was possessed by a demon. She demands the urgent help of an exorcist, who also demands the help of a priest and decide to take the demon out of her. From that point on, things start to become very, very graphic.

10. The Shining10

Jack Torrance is handed over the responsibility of Overlook Hotel, located in a pristine area up high in the mountains of Colorado. He brings his wife and son in to keep him company for the long stay, but their son, Danny, starts to see a lot of gruesome scenes of a force called “The Shining”, and his father senses this force, too. Jack gradually loses his mind until he experiences a mental breakdown and starts a relentless pursuit toward killing his wife and son.

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